Life Coaching and Empowerment

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I grew up in France and Italy and speak three languages. Since a very young age, on the playgrounds of France, I was often the class psychologist. Always being easy to speak to, kids gathered around me and looked to me to mediate and solve their problems. This continued throughout my adult life and throughout my career as a fashion designer. 


I was first introduced to life coaching in 2001. Understandably, life coaching came very naturally for me.  I have found my involvement in life coaching to be personally rewarding in assisting others to tackle issues that they may have and to be a source of inspiration or guidance.  In 2019, I decided to make life coaching a bigger part of my life. I took various training and certifications. I started a coaching group “Life coaching and Empowerment” on Facebook which is rapidly growing as a supportive platform for coaches and non-coaches. 


I have had an amazing journey empowering and transforming clients into their better selves. I have had the pleasure to touch many lives and cannot wait for the rest of my journey.

Corinne Gardner

Life Coaching and Empowerment  - 2017 LLC