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Executive & Corporate Coaching

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Life Coaching Certification

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Coaches Facebook Support Group


Behavioral Test

Executive and Corporate Coaching

This service is a custom-tailored program to the specific needs of the client. Certified in performing DISC and Driving Forces evaluations, I assist clients in gaining a better understanding of behaviors and skills. Coaching will be both oriented towards the individual and involve team exercises to enhance performance, implement new skills and facilitate a more productive work environment.

Online Courses

The Coaches Support Group will provide help, inspiration, motivation and information just as well as a place where coaches can meet up to shape a genius partnership. The group will raise the consciousness and awareness of coaching and the advantages of having a mentor in the community.

Coaches Facebook Support Group

This short test gives you in depth results of what you do in the work place and the reason why

Behavioral Test

Reconnect to your truth. Refocus your efforts. You don't have to sacrifice what matters most to you, just to be the person you were meant to become. In business and in life.